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The Benefits of the Derma Sea Skin Care Kit

When developing Derma Sea, the AG Beauty team decided to use the findings from centuries of research to develop the most advanced sea mineral skin care products ever created. Today, Derma Sea is bringing the incredible skin rejuvenating powers of the sea to men and women around the globe.


SeaweedSeaweed has been recognized as an incredible source of vitamins and minerals for generations. However the skin conditioning benefits have never been fully harnessed, until now. Derma Sea is infused with seaweed in order to stimulate the skin’s metabolic rate in order to protect your complexion from environmental impurities and regulate sebum production.

Pearl Powder

Pearl PowderThe world’s earliest accounts of the use of pearls in the production of cosmetics dates back more than 2,000 years. More than two millennium later, scientist are still discovering new benefits of pearls. Rich in calcium, amino acids and a variety of minerals, pearls are proven to aid in skin tissue and collagen production. This natural anti-aging agent helps the skin achieve a youthful glow and a soft, satiny feel.


CaviarTypically associated with opulence, caviar is recognized the world over as a delicacy. These salt cured fish eggs are rich in anti-oxidants, and Omega 3 and 6, as well as powerful skin moisturizers. Proven to deliver incredible skin nourishing benefits and assist with diminishing irregular skin pigmentation, caviar restores the skin’s natural luminance and silky smooth appearance.

Dead Sea Minerals

Dead Sea MineralsThe incredible beauty and seemingly mystical powers of the Dead Sea have intrigued mankind since the beginning of history. For centuries scientists have studied the incredible natural healing benefits of Dead Sea minerals; research that has lead to a wide spectrum of scientific discovery. Not only do Dead Sea minerals deliver a high concentration of calcium, potassium, bromine and magnesium, they boost the skin’s metabolism. When infused with Dead Sea minerals, skin appears renewed and refreshed.